The Steps We Take:
  • All pieces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Prepared to create a “tooth” for the paint.
  • Primmer coat is almost always used (unless heavy distressing is desired). Specific primmer is chosen based on the material your furniture is crafted from. For example bonding primmer is necessary for pieces made with a laminate.
  • Between every coat of primmer and/or paint we sand and clean to ensure the piece is dust free and smooth.
  • Repair of minor cracks and dings is included in our base price, but for our service work major repairs are an additional fee.
Finishing Steps:
  • If desired we will hand polish the painted furniture with a protective coat of Polyurethane coat over the top to seal in the color
  • Glaze is another option to create an antique look. This can be done in many different colors.
  • Distressing can be done to add an aged patina to your painted piece.
  • We can also stain the piece to give it a really weathered look.

As you can see we go through a long process to make every piece look unique and creative!

                                      Katie                  Ken

                                                                            Dry Brushing a table to look like a Rubik's Cube.

We are now more centrally located for the greater Denver metro Lakewood. Accommodation  are a little tight so we have reduced our prices to clearance.
We also do custom work on your furniture. give us a call or stop by.
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Here we are in May. Things are going great many projects and new friends. Stop by and check out our great prices. Everything is priced to move maybe the lowest prices we have ever had. What a great value.
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  We are moving a lot of furniture and will have new inventory in soon. Keep checking our site ,Facebook or stop on by.
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